Embedded Developer

Updated: 06/08/2019
Salary: £35,000.00 to £50,000.00
Location: England-North Yorkshire

Our hive, headquartered in Toronto, is growing quickly and we are specifically looking for Developers for our fantastic Embedded Systems team.

Some of the cool stuff you’ll be working on:

As an Embedded Engineer, you will be responsible for helping develop the software that powers our hardware products.  These devices run on a multitude of platforms from small, battery operated microcontrollers to full-blown multicore embedded Linux systems. 

The embedded team is in a unique position as we own a wide breadth of the technologies that get built into our devices making each day a unique challenge. You may be working on portions of the low-level software/hardware interactions, but equally important is the development of the user applications that run on device.  Everything from network protocols, to control algorithms to building enticing graphic UI’s. 

The embedded team is also responsible for developing the test fixtures used to validate the functionality of each device manufactured.  These devices are truly products on their own and no less complex considering the hardware and software systems they must interface with.

Aside from the in-house technologies, the embedded team is often also responsible for integrating third-party services.  For example, we developed the device software stack that allowed us to become one of the first Apple HomeKit accessories on the market as well as more recently one of the first third parties to integrate Amazon Voice Services for Alexa functionality built right into a thermostat.  

To accomplish all of this, at any given time you may be working closely with developers from other teams as well as our QA, Product Management, Manufacturing, Hardware teams and third-party tech companies on integrations.

Who you are:

We've built the following list as a guideline for some of the skills and interests we've seen in Embedded Systems Development - but we strive to build our team with members from a diverse background and skill set, so if any combination of these apply to you we'd love to chat!

  • C/C++ development experience
  • Object-oriented design and coding skills with knowledge of data structures and design patterns
  • Multi-threaded design and coding practices
  • Knowledge of ARM architecture-based processors and development tools
  • GUI development
  • Aptitude in programming for reliability and testability
  • Knowledge of Home Automation, Control Systems or Internet of Things
  • Knowledge of embedded Linux systems

What we are offering:

  • Truly meaningful work that effects our planet
  • A unique field in hardware/software interaction – easy to share the product with friends and family!
  • Ability to work on IoT products using new emerging technologies
  • Small collaborative teams where you can impact both product and culture
  • Flexible schedules
  • Learning opportunities supported by an education fund for every employee
  • Frequent Town Halls for company transparency
  • Build new things + find new solutions – were growing to make room for new products!